Yoga  classes to support optimum health. 

Sensible postures to support functional movement in daily life.

Yoga, not as an exercise but to develop awareness, loose tension, tune in to our nervous system and map better movement and breathing pattens on the brain.

Yoga for all levels, from complete beginners to years of practicing yoga, from people living with chronic pain to the extremely fit.

All classes include breath awareness and pranayama, yoga nidra deep relaxation and classical Indian mindfulness meditation techniques.

What students say

'Coming to Rebecca's yoga class has played a vital role in improving my mental and physical well being since recovering from breast cancer. I am uplifted and relaxed after each class and have learnt so many tools for improving my general health and body awareness. I can't recommend her teaching enough!'
Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online
Caroline Pudner
Wednesday evening is coming home from Rebecca's yoga class feeling restored and relaxed​, ready to really enjoy supper in front of the TV. She will have made everyone in the class feel comfortable and helped them find out what their own body needs. Her humour, along with wonderfully clear instructions, make all this possible. For me the mix of yoga positions, relaxation and meditation work a treat.
Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online
Jenny Hockey
Her approach to yoga seems to be that it should be integrated into everyday life, can be adapted for everyone according to their individual capabilities (there is no competition about who is more flexible or able to do most challenging positions!) and is about learning to live better for longer.
Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online
Susan Walsh

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