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Yoga and me

Yoga and mediation have been an important part of my life for many years. I learnt to meditate at 17 and started going to weekly yoga classes in my early twenties, to support me in my work as a litigation solicitor in London. In 2000 I qualified as a yoga teacher and I have been teaching yoga full time since then.

I believe I have developed a realistic and pragmatic approach to teaching and practicing yoga. The yoga postures I teach support functional movement in daily life and are taught in stages to be accessible to all. In all classes we work with the breath and practice yoga nidra deep relaxation and classical yoga mindfulness meditation techniques. 

My own appreciation and practice of yoga continues to grow and develop all the time, through life experiences, practice and study. Yoga has supported me through some very stressful times in my life and through periods of ill health. As a result, I have developed a particular interest in how yoga can support us through challenging times, whether that be dealing with change, anxiety and stress, grief, insomnia, or challenges to health such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, cancer, arthritis or chronic back pain.

l trained, practiced and taught yoga for over 20 years within an Indian yoga tradition which has given me a really strong foundation in the aims and techniques of yoga and an awareness of the spiritual side to yoga. In recent years, however, I have come to question whether a guru-based tradition is easily transferable to our western culture and values. I no longer belong to a tradition but I still teach traditional hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, mudra and bandhas, and yoga nidra. I teach practices that I believe are helpful to the people in front of me and are appropriate to their lives. 

I enjoy exploring a scientific underpinning of the practice of yoga. I am interested in the plasticity of the brain, body mapping, and how through moving slowly with awareness we can become more comfortable and at ease in our bodies. I believe that through yoga we become better at reading the messages sent to us from our neuromuscular system and better at responding to them appropriately. I am fascinated by modern pain science and how this relatively new knowledge in the western world can be applied to our yoga practice for rehabilitation and recovery from illness and surgery.  I have a particular interest in how yoga and meditation can support chronic pain and the effect of meditation on our interaction with others and the world around us.

In February 2019 I completed a one-year humanistic yoga course for teachers with Pete Blackaby.

In March 2019 I also attended the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute 2 day course “Explain Pain” to help support my understanding of the most recent pain research and apply it usefully and effectively in my yoga teaching and personal practice.

Student reviews

“ I never cease to be impressed by her depth of knowledge and experience and her ability to tailor each class to each individual’s need. I love her style of teaching, her sense of humour and the bird song that you can hear from her lovely yoga studio by the park.”
Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online
Pat Charles
Her approach to yoga seems to be that it should be integrated into everyday life, can be adapted for everyone according to their individual capabilities (there is no competition about who is more flexible or able to do most challenging positions!) and is about learning to live better for longer.
Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online
Sue Walsh
Wednesday evening is coming home from Rebecca's yoga class feeling restored and relaxed​, ready to really enjoy supper in front of the TV. For me the mix of yoga positions, relaxation and meditation work a treat.
Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online
Jenny Hocky

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