By accessing and participating in these classes you confirm that you have read and understood this disclaimer on this page.

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British Wheel of Yoga Remote Teaching Classes: Disclaimer for Pre-recorded classes

By accessing and participating in this class you confirm that you have read and understood this disclaimer

The General classes are an intermediate level class and are suitable for those who have developed a more advanced practice.  The Restorative classes are also an intermediate level but are suitable for all levels of fitness. Neither the general or restorative classes are designed for people who are pregnant and so are not suitable during pregnancy. If you are pacing your practice due to chronic fatigue/ME or recovery from illness or any other condition, then please only do as much as suits you day to day. Remember you can always lie or sit still and imagine doing the practices rather than physically doing them.

To take part in these classes you will need a yoga mat (or something similar), perhaps a towel or blanket and some water to hand to make sure you stay hydrated.


Although there are tremendous benefits to overall health and wellbeing, yoga can be physically challenging and carries with it risks that cannot entirely be eliminated.  These include the risk of personal injury, or the exacerbation of existing injuries or conditions, or damage to property around you during your participation.

Participant Rules:

  • Please follow the British Wheel of Yoga “Student Guidance – remote sessions” guidelines document.
  • You must act responsibility and sensibly at all times.
  • You must not participate if you are unwell, pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs.
  • Neither your teacher nor the British Wheel of Yoga are qualified to express an opinion that you are fit to safely participate in any British Wheel of Yoga organised sessions or any British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher’s yoga classes. You must obtain professional or specialist advice from your doctor before participating if you are in any doubt.
  • Clear enough space to safely carry out the exercises without hitting items around you.
  • Check that the device you are using is securely positioned and will not interfere with your movement.
  • Listen to your body. Follow any safety instructions or suitable modifications or adjustments to the exercise as instructed.
  • Never continue with a class or a movement that is too difficult for your level of experience or ability, or if you feel any discomfort.

Please note, this audio is a pre-recorded session and cannot be adapted to suit any particular requirements you may have.  In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by your teacher, participating in this yoga class is entirely at your own risk.

Intellectual property: The copyright in this audio recording is owned by Rebecca Allen. Reproduction, transmission or sharing of the audio (in part or full) is strictly prohibited without the prior consent of Rebecca Allen.

By accessing and participating in this class you confirm that you have read and understood this disclaimer.


Online Registration Form

Have you returned the new online health registration form to me? If not, it doesn’t take long – you only need to name and sign it  (with a cross is sufficient) and e mail it back to me. New health registration form for on line teaching

Thank you, Rebecca 

Please read the guidance for on line classes produced by the British Wheel

British Wheel of Yoga Student Guidance for remote sessions

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