I aim to offer yoga for all. My classes and workshops include students with different levels of suppleness, fitness and experience.  Practices are taught in stages and I encourage students to stay at their optimum level whilst progressing with comfort and ease.

There are chairs, cushions and meditation stools available for sitting for meditation, so people can be comfortable but still have the opportunity to develop the ability to sit comfortably on the floor when ready.

I ask all students to complete a registration form with health information before joining. As I have this information and because the classes are small, I can support individuals with any particular requirements or needs, without drawing attention to them in the class.

As well as 6 weekly classes and 2 monthly classes in our attic yoga studio here at Stainton Road,  I teach  private classes and workshops and train and assess trainee yoga teachers.

The Tuesday afternoon class, this term, is a dedicated class for beginners. Thursday afternoon is a “Restorative” class, so the focus is on very gentle movement rest and healing. This class is suitable for people rehabilitating from injury, recovering from surgery, living with cancer or ME/CFS and many other conditions. The other weekly classes are “general” yoga classes.

The classes all include a good balance of sensible yoga postures, breath work and deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) and sitting meditation techniques too. 

The way I teach a yoga class is still very influenced by my traditional hatha yoga, Satyananda Yoga training. In particular the classes all include a balance of postures, breath work, yoga nidra deep relaxation, some practically useful mudras and bandhas and often meditation techniques. However, I no longer call myself a Satyananda yoga teacher as my approach to yoga postures has changed a little bit in the last 5 years. I have been influenced by the training I have done with Pete Blackaby and this video will give you an example of this approach  Pete teaching the downward dog (Parvatasana)

If you want to read more about this approach I recommend  his book Intelligent Yoga.


Whether you have never done yoga before or are already very experienced, whether you are already fit and active or need an extra gentle class for now, please contact me to discuss your needs. If I don’t have an available space that suits your needs I will do my best to direct you to another teacher in Sheffield who can.  Rebecca


"Coming to Rebecca's yoga class has played a vital role in improving my mental and physical well being since recovering from breast cancer. I am uplifted and relaxed after each class. I can't recommend her teaching enough!"
Caroline Pudner
"I absolutely love these sessions. I have suffered serious knee injuries in the past, but I am slowly getting a better range of motion in my knees through the practices in class. "
Sharon Meakin
"Rebecca makes everyone in the class feel comfortable and helps them find out what their own body needs. Her humour, along with wonderfully clear instructions, make all this possible. For me the mix of yoga positions, relaxation and meditation work a treat."
Jenny Hocky

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See the class timetable for class and workshop times. I check voice messages, texts and e mails at least once a day and aim to reply within 24hrs.