The Thursday Morning  Restful/Beginners Yoga Class 

These yoga classes are physically very gentle, but the yoga is still powerfully effective.  The emphasis in these classes is on getting movement back and keeping moving in all the ways we need to in daily life. There is gentle movement, time for rest and healing. The class would suit a physically fit  person wanting to slow down and learn about this style of yoga and people recuperating from, for instance, surgery, illness or to assist in living with a condition such as ME/CFS, long covid or chronic pain. It is a safe and supportive environment for exploring where you are physically on the day and doing what is just right for you. 

This class is also suitable for people who are simply very stiff and achy or perhaps with a chronic back condition or living with chronic pain. We can have a chat about your situation as part of the registration process to ensure the class is right for what you need.

With a pre class discussion and some assistance to set things up on Zoom,  this class may also be suitable for people who are visually impaired. 

Please e mail or call me to discuss these classes and their suitability for you. 

Yoga and chronic pain and rehabilitation

I believe that  understanding how and why we experience pain, can help enormously in reducing all pain, including chronic pain.

I have attended the Neuro Orthopaedic Institutes (NOI) Explain Pain Course. The video talks (at the bottom of this page)  by Professor Lorimer Moseley and David Butler of the Noi group are fascinating and funny. They clearly and simply explain about how pain comes about, the role of the brain in pain and changes we can make in our life to reduce all pain.

Sensible yoga postures (perhaps even starting with visualisation, then paced appropriately and practiced with awareness), meditation techniques, breathing practices and yoga nidra deep relaxation can be part of the process of reducing chronic pain in our lives.  All the classes I teach, take into consideration the principles talked about in the videos below. The Recuperative yoga class live online on  Wednesdays at 2pm (also available on audio recording) is particularly suitable for people experiencing chronic pain, but also some of my  weekly classes may be suitable too. Please contact me for more information.

What students say.......

"While I had known and appreciated yoga in my life for many years before I attended Rebecca's class, moving to Sheffield and finding her Restorative Yoga Class at a challenging time health-wise has been even more helpful than I had anticipated. I began 7 months after major surgery and 6 weeks after chemotherapy ended and was quite prepared that all I might manage would be to get there and lie on my mat. Rebecca's experience and knowledge has given me the opportunity to learn yoga from the inside, to practice in a way that is completely individual and beneficial to me and my body as I experience it each day. I particularly like the growing understanding of myself and of yoga and feel that yoga is becoming part of my life, not just when I'm on my mat in class. Rebecca is safe, respectful and wise as well as openly human and comfortable to be with. I'm grateful to have found this class and it is the best investment I've made towards my health. Being in my body is now an increasingly comfortable and connected experience and I may well have remained disconnected after my illness and pain, had I not been gently encouraged to be in my body again in a safe and supported environment by a skilled and experienced practitioner." "
Miriam Grace

“Yoga is so beneficial for me! Since I had a brain aneurysm my movement wasn’t so good but with the help of Rebecca it has improved no end. I have been going for a few years now and it is both invigorating and relaxing. Long may it continue!”  Helen Loy

“Coming to Rebecca’s yoga class has played a vital role in improving my mental and physical well being since recovering from breast cancer. I am uplifted and relaxed after each class and have learnt so many tools for improving my general health and body awareness. I can’t recommend her teaching enough!” Caroline Pudner

“Always enjoyable, Rebecca’s weekly restorative yoga class is a great mix of well planned progressive exercise, breathing techniques and relaxation, which are very engaging and inclusive and I find extremely beneficial for both body and mind.
It’s great to be part of these group classes with Rebecca leading us through the exercises in her very knowledgeable and fun way.” Maureen 

These video talks are  by Professor Lorimer Moseley and David Butler of the Noi group. 

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