Online yoga has turned out to be a surprisingly successful as a way of accessing yoga and meditation more easily.  Many of us have come to really enjoy not needing to travel whilst still maintaining a connection by meeting and practising together online; and for this I am really grateful! All my classes are available online, through live taught yoga classes on Zoom and as audio recordings with video demonstrations. For anyone new to Zoom yoga, see below to see how it works. The classes are small and provide a connection with others. I always have an initial chat with any new students before they join a class to complete a health registration form and run through any questions they may have about how to set up for a class on zoom. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns about using the Online Yoga. Rebecca 

Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online

To teach online yoga I have a big screen so I can see you, but you don’t have to watch the screen much during the class.  Luckily the way I teach (and have done for 20 years) is very well suited to online or audio. I teach by verbal instructions, only needing to demonstrate occasionally, whilst you stop your practice to watch. This means you are not trying to do your yoga practice and watch the screen at the same time. During the classes, I am watching you, so I can see if I need to rephrase the instructions for further clarity or give supplementary instructions. With the audio recordings, you can watch any videos before the class or can stop to watch the videos again if you need further clarification.

I open the class 10 minutes before the start time so we can  chat (if you like) and I make sure your mat is well positioned for me to see you.

I use Zoom to teach. I am the Zoom host so you don’t have to pay anything to Zoom to use their platform. You just follow the instructions on the link I send you and it is really very simple to use.

Here is what students say about the live online Yoga classes on Zoom.

And here is some feedback about the audio recordings and live online classes:

“Just to let you know I have done the first lesson and enjoyed it – even the noisy rain! It was like soothing balm in the most bizarre of times.”

“I have found the live online classes really good. I find it helpful to set aside a specific time each week and I look forward to it. It is encouraging to see you and to see other people and have a sense of doing the class together, especially at a time when social contact is so limited. I found the Zoom technology pretty easy but was already using it for other things. There isn’t anything I’ve disliked about the online classes.”

“Thank you so much for these on-line sessions – just about to do the second one now. I found it so useful last week . It’s a slightly strange experience doing it alone in my front room but still lovely.”

“I value being able to choose the type of class I want to do.  If I’m feeling exhausted and/or anxious, the restorative or less physically active class is great, otherwise I continue with the main class. “

“Thank you for all the work you’ve put into recording the online lessons,
it is a great help and I would be very sorry to have to miss the classes
for several months until lockdown can be eased.”

“Thanks. It’s really great having all this.”

“Thanks for this Rebecca. Just finished your mindfulness meditation as I was aware my BP was rocketing and needed to get grounded. Also enjoying Tara Brach- thanks for sharing.”

“Thanks for the online class – very useful.”

“I enjoyed my yoga session this morning and aim to continue to do one daily – I need to get my toes moving!” 

“Many thanks for the classes, they’re great.”

“I really enjoy the audio classes and find them easy to follow.  The demonstrations are useful and clear.” 

“Thank you again for the wonderful on line classes. Despite not being as busy as usual, it’s still such a boost to stop for a while and have a class.”

“Some weeks I’ll complete a couple classes, other weeks I might only manage one.  Having access to classes when I want/need them is great.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without your yoga classes – they have helped me to cope during difficult times.  Thank you!”

“I have really enjoyed the audio classes, very clear and the little videos are really useful. I have valued the ability to do the classes at a time of my choosing – often between 7 and 8 in the morning. I am retired and so daytime suits me. Thanks for all of your effort in putting the audios together, I have found them lovely to use.”