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Monday  Meditation


Start the week with meditation

Tuesday Morning



Yoga & deep relaxation


Wednesday Evening



Yoga & deep relaxation

Thursday Morning 


Recuperative Yoga & deep relaxation. Suitable for ME/CFS and fatigue related long covid

* Deep relaxation includes Yoga Nidra and/or meditation techniques.

Looking for a shorter class?

Because of the way the classes are structured, It is also be possible to come to just the first or second part of the class joining or leaving at 11:00 on Tuesdays and 19:00 on Wednesdays.

How do I access the online Yoga and what does it cost?

The subscription fee is £30 per month, paid by direct debit. (This works out at less than £7 per week.) The subscription gives you access to as many live classes as you like and all the recordings and videos. 

In cases of financial hardship, I have an allocation for concessionary rate of £20 per month. (If the concessionary rate is still too much please don’t hesitate to contact me).

Please contact me with any questions and/or to sign up.

When you sign up you will be sent a password and links which give you  access to:

  • all the live classes on Zoom (you can attend any or all live classes)
  • audio recordings of all the live  classes, including:
    • asana (yoga poses)
    • guided meditations
    • pranayama (breath work) 
    • yoga nidra deep relaxations
    • other yoga practices such as mudras and bandhas
  • video demonstrations


What students say about the live classes on Zoom:

Yoga for ME/CFS, Long covid

Within my subscription plan, the Monday meditation and yoga class on Thursday at 11am are most suitable for these conditions. However, I also teach a further class on Fridays between 11:00  and 12:30 which is just for people in and around Sheffield who have ME/CFS or fatigue related long covid. This class is not part of my subscription plan but is organised through Sheffield Yoga for ME/CFS. (Registered Charity No. 1117464)

If you are interested in the Friday class, you will need to register through Sheffield Yoga for Me . To do this, please phone:   0845 582 0112 (between 11.00 and 16.00) or
email:  sheffieldyogaforME@yahoo.co.uk 

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