Sunday 3rd March 2019

Wake up your feet! Use them intelligently and well to reduce knee, hip and back problems. Learn practices to get rid of aching feet, heel pain and plantar fasciitis. Develope strong flexible happy feet!

Our feet are the key to good posture and how we move. We tend to ignore them and bundle them up in socks, shoes and boots – especially in winter! This yoga workshop will wake up your feet and encourage you to use them well as your foundation to easier movement through yoga postures and movement in every day life.

This workshop is on Sunday 3rd March from 10am until 12 noon. £20. (15% of the ticket price is donated to Roundabout, Sheffield)

10-12 noon, £20

The feet contain 25% of the body’s bones!  Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles! Looking after feet and paying attention keeps us moving well!

Sunday 28th April

In this workshop we will gently take the body through the full range of movements required, and practice patterns of movement,  to restore and maintain the ability to get up and down to sit comfortably on the floor. We will use blocks, stools or chairs as needed in this process.  This way we can map this ease and flexibility of movement on the brain and build the strength we need as we do this! You will learn practices to continue doing at home to build on what we do in the morning.

This workshop is on Sunday 28th April from 10am until 12 noon. £20. (15% of the ticket price is donated to Roundabout, Sheffield)

10-12 noon £20

Coming up later in the year: 

2nd June 10-12 noon, Yoga workshop –theme to be confirmed

7th July 10- 12 noon, Yoga workshop – theme to be confirmed

Just 8 places only on all workshops, so booking  is essential.


Her teaching is really well-informed by current yoga theory but she gives her own take on things which is always refreshing and relevant to our busy lives. Workshops which are combined with her partner Micks famous cinnamon buns are a real treat! Thanks Rebecca!"
Sue Walsh
I never cease to be impressed by her depth of knowledge and experience and her ability to tailor each class to each individual’s need. I love her style of teaching, her sense of humour and the bird song that you can hear from her lovely yoga studio by the park.
Pat Charles
I've been coming to Rebecca's yoga classes for many years now. She is an inspirational teacher with wise words but also a great sense of humour, which makes it a joy to attend her classes. The meditation and relaxation practices foster a spiritual connection and provide a real breathing space in the midst of busy everyday life.
Kath Burgess

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