Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online

So far, there is no clear, evidence based way to guide return to physical activity.  If you have had Covid 19 but  remained at home with mild symptoms, it seems that it may be best to wait until you have been symptom free for a week before starting to exercise*.

If you have had Covid or have Long Covid, please contact me to discuss your situation and we can (in conjunction with advice from your medical adviser/GP) work out what might suit your situation.

My yoga classes are live on zoom and are all also recorded to use in your own time. There are 3 categories of classes:

  1. Recuperative, very gentle yoga for recovery and deep relaxation. 
  2. Yoga and relaxation classes which are for people with ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. These classes may also be suitable for people with fatigue related Long Covid.
  3. Gently progressing general yoga, meditation and deep relaxation classes, where practices are taught in stages and you are encouraged to work at your own level, progressing at your own pace.

The first 2 types of class above are very gentle and some are even suitable for people to do from bed.

One advantage of being taught in your own home via Zoom, is that people say they are less self conscious and find it easier to practice at their own pace. 

Here are a couple of useful January 2021 resources with some guidance for exercise and Covid.  As we are constantly learning about covid and its effects, it is important to check the latest findings and advice at the time you are dealing with the issue.


NHS guidelines on getting moving again 

BBC Radio 4 Inside Health – How quickly  can you get back to exercising after Covid? Dr David Salman* has drawn up some advice and Dr Navjoyt Ladher explains why this virus means we should be taking it easy.