Link for all online classes:

You don’t need a passcode as it is included in the link. If you prefer using an ID and passcode it is: 

Meeting ID: 876 8241 3627

Passcode: HuntersBar

The style of yoga I teach is a gentle and attentive method of self-enquiry and it is your responsibility to decide what you should or shouldn’t be doing. Listen to your body and rest if your breathing feels laboured, or you feel tired. One advantage of online teaching is that people have told me that they find they are less self conscious in an online class and this makes it easier for them to go at their own pace and focus on their own body, not what anyone else is doing.

When you are let in please declare any health issues using the chat facility, so I can accommodate them in my teaching, but please remember that I can’t see everyone in the class all of the time.

Please read this  disclaimer, which is required by by governing body, the British Wheel of yoga and my insurers. 

Weekly timetable

Monday Morning Meditation


A good start to the week! 

Tuesday Morning


Yoga & deep relaxation

Wednesday Evening


Yoga & deep relaxation

Thursday Morning 11:00-12:15

Recuperative Yoga & deep relaxation

(or just come for a 20 minute lunchtime Yoga Nidra at 11:55)

If an hour and a half is more time than you can currently spare….

It is also be possible to come to just the first or second part of the class joining or leaving at 11:00 on Tuesdays and 19:00 on Wednesdays or 11:55 on Thursdays.