Online Yoga in Sheffield (but accessible from anywhere in the world!)

Classes at all levels (including some very gentle classes for recovery from illness or living with a chronic disease)

From Thursday 15th July the Thursday class will be at the new time of  11:00 – 12:15.

Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online

Rebecca Allen

Weekly yoga classes including meditation techniques and a systematic deep relaxation practice called yoga nidra. I teach sensible yoga postures and movements to get, and keep you moving freely and well.

All classes are now live online from Sheffield and are also recorded for you to use in your own time. It is not quite the same as a face to face class, but we can maintain a connection by meeting and practising together online and for this I am really grateful! (For any of you suffering from too much time online, please be assured that in my yoga classes you do not have to watch the screen. I teach by detailed verbal instructions and only occasionally need to demonstrate, it is my job to watch you all and check you have understood.) 

The online classes also mean that people can join us from anywhere in the world and although most of my students are in Sheffield more people are joining us from across the UK and perhaps soon from further afield. I attend two classes a week myself, with teachers in Brighton and regularly do workshops with a teacher in Canada.

I teach general classes for all levels of fitness and experience, but there are also classes suitable for rehabilitation after illness or injury,  e.g. ME, chronic fatigue, fatigue related long covid, hip operations, chronic pain, bad backs, shoulders and knees, anxiety and stress and to support those living with cancer or a chronic disease. 

Have a look through this website for more information and please feel free to email, whatsapp or call me to chat about what you are looking for. It is often easier to talk things through so please feel free to call.

Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online
Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online
About the yoga
Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online

Sensible postures to support functional movement in daily life.

Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online

Yoga not as an exercise but to: develop awareness; loose tension; tune in to the neuromuscular system and map better movement and breathing patterns on the brain.

Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online

Yoga for all levels: from complete beginners to those with years of experience; from people living with chronic pain to the extremely fit.

Meditation and yoga nidra square

Breath awareness (pranayama), yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and classical Indian mindfulness
meditation techniques.

Her teaching is really well-informed by current yoga theory but she gives her own take on things which is always refreshing and relevant to our busy lives. Workshops which are combined with her partner Micks famous cinnamon buns are a real treat! Thanks Rebecca!"
Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online
Sue Walsh
"I absolutely love these sessions. I have suffered serious knee injuries in the past, but I am slowly getting a better range of motion in my knees through the practices in class. "
Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online
Sharon Meakin
"Rebecca makes everyone in the class feel comfortable and helps them find out what their own body needs. Her humour, along with wonderfully clear instructions, make all this possible. For me the mix of yoga positions, relaxation and meditation work a treat."
Rebecca Allen Yoga - Online
Jenny Hocky

What students say about the on line classes

“Just to let you know I have done the first lesson and enjoyed it – even the noisy rain! It was like soothing balm in the most bizarre of times.”

“Many thanks for the classes, they’re great.”

“Thank you so much for these on-line sessions – just about to do the second one now. I found it so useful last week . It’s a slightly strange experience doing it alone in my front room but still lovely.”

“Thank you again for the wonderful on line classes. Despite not being as busy as usual, it’s still such a boost to stop for a while and have a class.”

“Thank you for all the work you’ve put into recording the online lessons,
it is a great help and I would be very sorry to have to miss the classes
for several months until lockdown can be eased.”

“Thanks. It’s really great having all this.”

“Thanks for this Rebecca. Just finished your mindfulness meditation as I was aware my BP was rocketing and needed to get grounded. Also enjoying Tara Brach- thanks for sharing.”

“Thanks for the online class – very useful.”

“I enjoyed my yoga session this morning and aim to continue to do one daily – I need to get my toes moving!” 

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See the class timetable for class and workshop times. I check voice messages, texts and emails at least once a day and aim to reply within 24hrs.

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